1972 Piper Arrow II — $145/hr.

Our primary commercial trainer, this Piper Arrow II has everything that you need to get your Commercial or initial CFI ratings.  At 200 horsepower exactly, this plane does not require an additional high performance endorsement. For appropriately rated and checked pilots, we do rent solo. However, our insurance carrier does NOT allow our planes to be used for instruction by any instructors who are not named on our insurance policy, so if you're looking to get a complex endorsement, get in touch with us today and let's get started.

Solo Rental Requirements:

  • Private, Commercial, or ATP certificate with Airplane Single Engine Land rating
  • Instrument Airplane rating
  • Complex endorsement
  • Minimum 300 total logged hours
  • Minimum 25 logged hours in retractable gear aircraft
  • Minimum 10 logged hours in this make and model aircraft