1984 Piper Malibu — $366/hr.

Do you need to get there quickly?  The Piper Malibu is the plane for you.  One of the best cabin-class aircraft around, the Malibu is still in production by Piper and marketed and sold as the M350 for just over $1MM new.  Here are some highlights of this plane:

  • Cruise in the lower flight levels on only 17gph at 200-220 KTAS by running lean of peak with the upgraded Continental TSIO-550 engine.
  • Arrive feeling less tired with a pressurized cabin altitude of just over 8,000 feet when flying at a maximum cruising altitude of FL250.  Regardless of outside air temperature, the Malibu has air conditioning and heating to maintain a comfortable cabin on the ground and in flight.
  • The 3-axis BendixKing KFC-150 autopilot with yaw damper makes cruising easy, and reduces pilot workload during instrument approaches and rough weather.
  • Select between Heading or GPS mode, and the GDC-31 Roll Steering Converter enables the autopilot to fly the plane effortlessly on a selected heading or by following a GPS flight plan.
  • The panel mounted Avidyne IFD-540 GPS includes built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity between the Electronic Flight Bag of your choice and the panel.  Complete your flight planning offline and push your plan to the panel with the touch of a button on your iPad.
  • The Synthetic Vision feature of the Avidyne GPS makes nighttime flying less stressful by showing you a colorized depiction of forward looking terrain.
  • WiFi connectivity in the cabin allows passengers to monitor flight progress via handheld electronic devices running the ForeFlight Passenger application.
  • Certified for Flight into Known Icing (FIKI), the Piper Malibu has a heated pilot-side windshield panel, de-icer boots on the leading edges of the vertical and horizontal stabilizers and the main wings, a wing ice light for checking icing on the wings at night, de-icer elements on the propeller, dual alternators, and dual engine-driven vacuum pumps.  The Malibu is certified for light to moderate icing only.
  • Redundant Mode-S transponders transmit GPS-derived location data and pressure altitude to ATC and other aircraft on 1090mhz, enabling the Malibu to fly in non-RVSM airspace above FL180, as well as also meeting ADS-B out equipment requirements for all Class B, C, and D airspace, as well as Class E airspace above 10,000 feet.
  • Aftermarket spoilers allow for rapid descents without making dramatic power changes and shock cooling the engine.  Additionally, the spoilers substantially increase the rate of descent and reduce the time required to conduct an emergency descent or approach.
  • The four-blade MT Propeller shortens take-off distance by approximately 5%, enhances climb and cruise performance by 5-10%, and increases cruise speed by 5-8 kts.  The higher ground clearance increases safety by making it harder for the shorter blades to strike the ground.  The combination of the composite construction of the blades and a sound insulating blanket between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment makes for a much quieter cabin.  Many passengers choose not to wear headsets and compare the cabin noise levels to that of a commercial airliner.

Rental Requirements:

  • Private, Commercial, or ATP certificate with Airplane Single Engine Land rating
  • Instrument Airplane rating
  • Valid FAA 3rd Class Medical or better
  • Minimum of 1,000 flying hours logged
  • Minimum 250 hours logged in retractable gear aircraft
  • Minimum 50 hours logged in this make and model aircraft
  • Must complete type-specific initial/recurrent training within last 12 months