This course prepares the candidate to fly via instruments from the right seat of the airplane and enables proficiency to develop the maneuvers and procedures required to teach Instrument students.  As the course progresses, the candidate will learn to observe, analyze, and correct student pilots training for the Instrument Airplane rating, as well as maintain proficiency as a safety pilot monitoring and conducting the flight.

This course is conducted primarily in fixed gear aircraft during daytime and nighttime conditions.  The first half of this course covers IFR planning and charts, and the second stage covers procedures and planning for different types of instrument approaches.

We do not credit time spent at other training schools for this certificate.  All lessons in our course syllabus must be completed satisfactorily before a recommendation can be issued for a checkride for the CFI-I certificate.

Minimum times and costs for this course, conducted under Part 61:

  • Ground Instruction = 20 hours @ $75/hr = $1,500
  • Dual Training Flights = 30 hours @ $250/hr = $7,500

Total Estimated Flight and Ground Training Cost: $9,000

11 Ground Lessons and 12 Flight Lessons

Note: The above costs do not include textbooks, supplies, checkride, and written exam fees.