Flight Instructor Rating (CFI)

This course prepares the candidate to fly from the right seat of the airplane and enables proficiency to develop in the maneuvers required for Private and Commercial students.  As the course progresses, the candidate will learn to observe, analyze, and correct student pilots training for those certificates.

This course is conducted in both fixed gear and retractable aircraft, and also has night and high performance flights as well.  The second stage of this course dives into VFR navigation and cross-country planning.

Note: We do not credit time spent at other training schools toward this course.  All lessons in our syllabus must be completed satisfactorily before a recommendation can be issued for a checkride for the CFI certificate.

Estimated Costs:

  • Ground Instruction = 40 hours @ $50/hr = $2,000.00
  • Dual Training Flights (Fixed Gear Aircraft) = 20 hours @ $177/hr = $3,540.00
  • Dual Training Flights (Retractable Gear Aircraft) = 10 hours @ $207/hr = $2,070.00
  • Plane Rental for Practical Test = 4 hours @ $157/hr = $628.00
  • Written Examination Fee (Fundamentals of Instruction) = $160.00
  • Written Examination Fee (Flight Instructor Airplane) = $160.00
  • Practical Test Examination Fee = $950.00

Total Estimated Ground, Flight, and Testing Cost: $9,508.00

27 Ground Lessons and 17 Flight Lessons, 3-4 weeks.

Waiting time to schedule the CFI checkride is usually less than one week.  If you're training with us under our Commercial pilot training program, we do credit some of the flight hours for this course with those from your Commercial pilot training activities.

Required Ground Instruction Materials for this Course: